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A flexible mentoring network that lets alumni connect with each other for one-off career advice or ongoing mentoring partnerships focused on careers, work, and employability.

How it works

Start by deciding whether you want to be a mentor or mentee, or both.

Create a profile on the platform and share a bit about yourself so that other alumni can learn more about professional and academic  background,and your mentoring preferences.

On the platform you'll gain access to a community of alumni wanting to connect for discussions and mentoring partnerships focused on career development. Mentors and mentees choose what kind of connection they are interested in - one-off meetings or ongoing mentoring partnerships - or both. As a mentee, you browse the available mentors on the platform and can request a connection directly with your chosen mentor. As a mentor, you can choose to accept or decline the requests you receive, depending on your current availability and assessment of your fit with the mentee. 

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Share your industry insights, career experiences and expand your professional networks with recent graduates and alumni.

All alumni with experience in,  knowledge of the world of work and a desire to share their insights are invited to join. Mentors can range from young alumni with insights to share from recent experiences in graduate programme recruitment; alumni with a few years experience in the workforce; to alumni with many decades of work experience to share. 

Become a mentee

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Receive advice from alumni to  build your industry awareness, explore career options, grow your skills, and build your networks. 

Recent graduates and all alumni seeking career advice can be mentees. Mentees may be recent graduates looking for their first role after completing their studies; alumni re-entering the workforce after completing post-graduate studies; or experienced alumni considering a career change and seeking advice or insights on their new industry of interest. 

You can be both a mentor and mentee

Do you have insights to share but also looking for advice? Maybe you are changing careers or moving into a new industry?

Sign up as both a mentor and mentee. 

Apply and connect anytime

Applications are open all year for both mentors and mentees. There may be times of the year when there are more mentees looking for assistance. As a mentor you can adjust your visibility when you are busy with other commitments, or you can remain accessible to new professional connections throughout the year. 

There are no formal events as part of the Alumni Mentoring Network, but we encourage you to keep the University updated with your current location and contact email so you can be invited along to alumni events in your area. You can update your details on our online form.


The Careers and Employment and Alumni Engagement teams are here to support you as you make more connections with your fellow alumni. The platform contains resources to help you structure meetings or your mentoring partnerships and you can contact us anytime via
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